WMN is a Publication of Lesbian Art and Poetry

WMN is a publication featuring underrepresented and marginalized lesbian artists and poets founded by Jeanette Spicer, Florencia Alvarado and Sara Duell. Each issue features work by lesbians who historically do not get much representation within LGBTQIA+ media. This includes lesbians living rurally or outside the American urban metropolitan cities, dykes fifty-five and above, lesbians identifying as disabled and/or are living with a physical, sensory, cognitive, or chronic illness, and lesbians with experience of migration. Our fifth and most recent issue showcases lesbians who are trans, gender non-binary and/or non-conforming. 

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  • WMN 5th year Anniversary Poster OPEN CALL
    Blood, Sex, Tears is an Poster open call in celebration of WMN’s fifth anniversary! Deadline to submit your designs is April 15, 2024
  • Black Lesbian Archives
    Storytelling archivist and founder of the Black Lesbian Archives Krü Maekdo about the importance of home, ownership of your own stories, grassroots organizing.
  • Lesbian Invisibility in Art History
    An interview with art historian Ksenia M. Soboleva discussing lesbian invisibility, being a grumpy dyke, and the value of criticism.

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All work shown in the printed copies of WMN are submissions through open calls on each issues theme. Follow us on instagram or sign up to the newsletter to be alerted to the next open call. We also review submissions on a rolling basis to feature on the WMN website or instagram. Email us at submit@wmnzine.com to share your Lesbian work or idea for an article with us!