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WMN is a Publication of
Lesbian Art and Poetry

Cover of WMN Lesbian Art and Poetry   Issue 1 "Seasons of a Dyke"

Issue One | Winter 2020

Seasons of a Dyke

Rural and Smaller City Lesbian Artists and Poets
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$20 (exl. shipping)

10% of each sale goes to the GRIOT Circle serving LGBTQ elders of color in NYC since 1995. Orders shipped August 2020.

Cover of WMN Lesbian Art and Poetry   Issue 2 "Show Me What You Got"

Issue Two | Summer 2020

Show Me What You Got

Older Generation Dyke Artists and Poets
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$20 (exl. shipping)

10% of each sale goes to the GRIOT Circle serving LGBTQ elders of color in NYC since 1995. Orders shipped August 2020.

❄ Holiday Special ❄

One copy of WMN issue 2 “Show me what you got” with one of of our custom made hankies for $30. In the US order before December 15* to guarantee delivery before Christmas.

For another $2 to get it wrapped and we’ll send directly to your sweetie and loved ones with a personalized note.

*For Asia, Australia, NZ, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Mexico and Middle east the deadline is Dec 7. For Africa, Central & South America the deadline is Nov 30th

Dyke Merch

Red handkerchief with the text DYKE with a decorative border


  • 100% cotton
  • Available in 18 cruising-ready colors
  • 14×14 in
  • Silk screen printed in Brooklyn

White t-shirt with the text DYKE printed in a gradient yellow to red

DYKE T-shirt

  • 100% cotton
  • Gradient silk screen, printed in Brooklyn
  • Set-in ribbed neckband
  • Double needle stitching detail
  • Tear-away tag
  • available in XS-XXL 

News and Features

  • Artist Talk: Pheonix Lindsey-Hall
    Jeanette Spicer: Everyone can hear me? Perfect. Thank you so much everyone for coming. Um, so for those that don’t know, which I think out of this group, everyone does know and we do have some […]
  • Lola Flash
    Artist Talk full video coming soon! More about Lola Flash: Preview(opens in a new tab) Lola Flash uses photography to challenge stereotypes and offer new ways of seeing that transcend and interrogate gender, sexual, and racial […]
  • Two Poems
    by Karen Poppy
    When It’s a Woman On July 2, 2020, the FBI arrested Jeffrey Epstein’s best friend and confidante Ghislaine Maxwell on federal charges, including transporting a minor for the purposes of criminal sexual activity and conspiring to […]
  • Everpress holiday
    collection 2020
    WMN have been invited to participate in the Everpress’ first ever Holiday Collection 2020. Designed by WMN co-editor Florencia Alvarado inspired by The shell as a lesbian icon and 80s punk zine aesthetic. Everpress supports independent […]
  • Black Lesbian Archives
    An interview with Krü Maekdo Storytelling archivist and founder of the Black Lesbian Archives Krü Maekdo sat down with wmn editor Sara Duell to talk about the importance of home, ownership of your own stories, grassroots […]
  • Collaboration in the time of COVID
    Text by Katherine Bernard Images by Lily Olsen Covid 1-9 Answers.  Hot? We don’t need these extra blankets in March. Weak? You didn’t eat much last night. Tired? This virus that we definitely do not have […]
  • “Moon Pebbles”
    by Stace Brandt
    You don’t feel the need for language to be strangled like I do. You let it be poetry, fall as it will. When words come out of your mouth it feels like dancing. I wouldn’t let […]
  • Show Me What You Got
    Book Launch
    Save the date We are thrilled to announce an outdoor launch at Mcgolrick Park on Thursday, Sept 17th from 4-8 EST for our second issue, Show Me What You Got! Come picnic and grab a drink […]
Hand holding  WMN Lesbian Art and Poetry   Issue 1 "Seasons of a Dyke"

About WMM’s two first issues

WMN is a publication of art and poetry which showcases work by underrepresented lesbian groups.

The first issue “Seasons of a Dyke” features work by lesbians living in rural areas and cities with a population of 800,000 and less in the US.

The second issue “Show Me What You Got” presents art and poetry by older generation dykes. Both issues are available now!

WMN founders Jeanette Spicer, Florencia Alvarado, and Sara Duell wearing white dyke t-shirts standing next to each other looking into the camera

Keep in touch with WMN

Read more about the WMN mission and the founders Venezuelan artist Florencia Alvarado, Swedish designer Sara Duell, and American photographer Jeanette Spicer here.

To keep up with the latest from WMN sign up to the newsletter below, and follow WMN on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions or if you are interested in contributing your work or writing to our forthcoming website feature.