WMN Issue 3 Taking Space

Lesbian artists and poets who identify as disabled and/or are living with a physical, sensory, cognitive, or chronic illness.


WMN believes in representing sectors of the lesbian community that are not always given the visibility they deserve. We want to support disabled artists and writers as we feel the discourse around disabilities, and representation of, is lacking particularly within the art world and the lesbian community. Since intersectionality is at the crux of everything, Taking Space is a creative space that illuminates the intersection of disabilities and lesbianism’s inevitable overlap. It is important to provide this platform in order to unlearn, listen, and support the visibility, experience and talent of disabled lesbian artists.

Guest Editor Zee Monteiro
For this issue, we will have guest editor, Zee Monteiro, who is based in London, UK, who is a community organizer, blogger, poet & activist who identifies as neurodivergent. Both in their writing, talks, and their poems they challenge the audience to reflect and engage on topics relating to Blackness, Queerness, Female Masculinity, and Vulnerability.

Their work focuses on creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+, Black, and POC groups within society and on the digital platform. With their website Qingsland.com, Zee is determined to discover and bring to light the truest stories of Queer Black History and document their personal journey navigating the world.’

Susannah Appleby, Sadie bat Kalman, Tiffany Baxter, Aurora Berger, Rizzo Boring, Anna Bosslar,
Marisol Brady, Lauren Camerata, Marlena Chertock, Ruby Cromer, Sami Cutrona, Jessie Dessus, Prisca Edwards, Jess Fry, Brandi ‘Noire’ La Zard, Alex Masse, Teighlor McGee, Lori McMichael, Nitika Raj, Giada Rotundo, Jenna Rowell, Nicole Russell, Lauren Steigerwald, Gillian Thomas, Carson Wolfe, Ally Zlatar.

5.5 x 8.5 in
400 copies
84 pages
Published 2021