WMN Issue 5 Thresholds

Lesbian artists and poets who are non-binary, gender queer, two spirit and intersex.


WMN’s fifth issue Thresholds is a printed zine showcasing visual art and writing by lesbians who are not cis-gender. This includes but is not limited to people who are trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender fluid, gender queer, two spirit and intersex. There is a severe lack of lesbian content, particularly marginalized lesbian’s voices, within the art world. We are interested in highlighting this intersection between sexuality and gender as it continuously resurfaces within the LGBTQIA+ community, especially among the Lesbian community.

WMN strongly believes in the inclusivity of the term Lesbian, and sees a danger in the discriminating politics of trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERFS) who have historically delegitimize trans and gender nonconforming people. These voices have planted the misconstrued notion that the term lesbian means to inherently be trans exclusionary, which for us is the farthest from the truth. This is a dangerous analogy for a community like lesbians, who are already facing sexism and are expected not to take up space. Thresholds highlights work by our non-cis lesbian cohort to show the vast range and the beauty of all the ways it means to be a Lesbian. WMN knows and respects that identity is multifaceted and personal, so we do not inquire about, nor is it our business, to know the specifics of how one identifies, all that we ask is that participating artists are comfortable being published as a dyke and/or lesbian.

Vitoria Um Milhão, Weishan Yang, Andy Valk, Megan Levine, María Tinaut, Saar Shemesh, Kacey Warbrick, Nour Beetch & Nicky Lapierre, Ale Pedraza Buenahora, Math Erao, Louise Toth, Alexis Udowenko, Han/na Vogel, Ida Silfverdal, Emile Mausner, CASH EXUM, Kim Mullis, Shauna Steinbach, Shanisia Person, Carson Stachura, Jay Délise, Woody Woodger, Olivia Madeline Abigail, RAM (Ripley Ashke Mandanis), Isadoro, Gabriel Leitch, Lot Louis Veelenturf, Alcy Hart, Nour Kamel, Liz Yu, Zoe Pearson, Marissa Micah Schut, Tatum Schutt, Karl Kopp, Rae Atakpa, Dakota Sebourn

5.5 x 8.5 in
400 copies
84 pages
Published 2023