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WMN Lesbian Art and Poetry publications editorial team
WMN founders and editorial team Sara Duell, Jeanette Spicer, Florencia Alvarado

About the editorial team

Venezuelan designer/artist Florencia Alvarado, American photographer Jeanette Spicer and Swedish designer Sara Duell, are the dykes behind WMN – a publication of lesbian art and poetry. We have individually come to identify ourselves as lesbian in different ways and at various times, but found commonality between our love for WMN, and interest in art and representation of marginalized communities.

When thinking of our own identifications, we realized that the term lesbian was in ways a signifier of the past, and could even be considered radical. This awareness sparked our inspiration and desire to gather and share work of other people identifying as lesbian, in order to create a conversation around different terms of identification, and how and why we use them. This zine is meant to provide a much needed space to show the intimacy, struggle, wonder and everything in between, of what it means to be a lesbian in this political climate and time.

WMN – lesbian art and poetry publication was founded in May 2019 in Brooklyn NY. Our first issue “Seasons of a Dyke” was published in January 2020 and our forthcoming issue “Show me what you got” will be published summer 2020. Both issues are available in our shop to order.


The best way to contact the WMN editorial team if you have questions or comments is to email wmn.zine@gmail.com. To submit work or pitches to the website features email submit@wmnzine.com. You can also follow us on Instagram and on Facebook.


We are open to wholesale orders! Email us at wmn.zine@gmail.com to inquire about whole sale pricing and details.


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February 24-March 1, 2020

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