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Older Generation Lesbian Artist and Poets

WMN Issue 2 ‘Show Me What You Got’ is a global representation of older generations lesbians who make visual art and/or poetry. WMN believes in representing sectors of the lesbian community that are not given as many platforms to publish their artwork. We feel that those who paved the way for our community deserve a platform and a space to showcase their work which can represent creations from the past, or the present. We are so grateful and indebted to our elders across the world, who paved the way for our rights and freedom as they stand today and want to give back to this incredible community by creating a supportive space to present their work, lives and experience.

The second issue “Show Me What You Got” is available in our shop. The first issue of WMN “Seasons of a Dyke” showcases art and poetry by rural and small town lesbians is also available to order now – read more about Issue 1 here.


Helen Midge Baudouin & Allison Stilwell
Art | Melbourne, FL

JEB (Joan E. Biren)
Art | Silver Spring, MD

Jo Ann Block
Art | Los Angeles, CA

Deborah Bright
Art | Brooklyn, NY

Judy Brown
Art | Natick, MA

Gaye Chan
Art | Honolulu, HI

Marjorie Deborah Conn
Poetry | New York, NY

Lorraine Cowgill
Art | Taylosrville, UT

Elana Dykewomon
Poetry | Oakland, CA

Lorraine Fontana
Art & Poetry | Atlanta, GA

Jane Kreinberg
Art | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Cassandra Langer
Poetry | East Elmhurst, NY

Ming de Nasty
Art | UK

Danielle Notaro
Poetry | Nazareth, PA

Suzanne Shifflett
Arts | Long Beach, CA

Trish Stypka
Art | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Elisabete Tolaretxipi
Poetry | San Sebastian, Spain

Launch Party

August 17, 2020
McGolrick Park, NY