When We Leave

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Lesbian artists and poets who have had experience with migration and immigration, international relocation, displacement, refugees & borders.

About the Issue 

Issue Number 4, When We Leave, features 17 artists and poets who identify as lesbian and have had experience with migration and immigration, international relocation, displacement, refugees & borders. Preface by Hila Amit.

WMN believes in representing sectors of the lesbian community that are not always given the visibility they deserve. We want to support lesbian artists and writers who have had experience migrating in any capacity. Given the current political climate throughout most of the globe, the experience for immigrants, or folks who have had life experience with migration, is often an underrepresented, complicated and beautiful personal story. Immigration is wrapped up in politics, language, family lineage, traditions, nostalgia, adaptation, the new, the unknown and the re-born. Most importantly, this topic is necessary for continued conversations around intersectionality, forward thinking and creating a world that acknowledges its history and supports its future. 

Sobre el número de la revista

WMN ISSUE 4: Convocatoria abierta. When We Leave (Cuando partimos) es una convocatoria Internacional para quienes se identifican como lesbianas y han tenido experiencias con migración e inmigración, el desplazamiento, relocación, asilo político, refugiados y fronteras.

WMN cree en la representación de sectores marginados de la comunidad lésbica a los que no siempre se les da la visibilidad que merecen. Queremos apoyar a les artistes y escritores lesbianas que han tenido experiencias migratorias de cualquier tipo. Dado el clima político actual y mundial, la experiencia de los inmigrantes o de las personas que han tenido experiencias de vida migratorias involucra historias personales poco representadas, complejas, profundas y con diferentes narrativas.  La inmigración como temática envuelve la política, el lenguaje, el linaje familiar, las tradiciones culturales, la nostalgia, la adaptación, lo nuevo, lo desconocido y lo recién nacido. 

Guest Editor: Hila Amit

For this issue we have the honour of working with award-winning author Dr. Hila Amit, based in Berlin, Germany. She was born in Israel in 1985 to a Jewish family with Iranian-Syrian ethnic origins. She studied creative writing at the Tel -Aviv University and holds a PhD in the field of Gender Studies from SOAS, University of London. Hila Amit’s fiction appeared in Lilith, Jalta, Emrys Journal & The Washington Square Review. Her short stories collection, Moving On From Bliss (Tel-Aviv: Am Oved, 2016), was awarded the Israeli Ministry of Culture Prize for Debut Authors, and was recently selected as one of the 10 best literary works in Hebrew for the years 2010-2020. Her non-fiction book, A Queer Way Out – The Politics of Queer Emigration from Israel (Albany: SUNY, 2018) was awarded the AMEWS (Association of Middle East Women’s Studies) Book Award. In 2014 she established the International Hebrew School, through which she aims to advance Hebrew learning using a queer, feministic and pluralistic method. She is the co-founder of “Anu אנו نحن: Jews and Arabs Writing in Berlin”, and is curating literary events which bring together Jews and non-Jews with a Middle Eastern heritage together.

You can also read her short story Moving on From Grace on WMN.


Nour Abu-Abdou
Poetry | Gaza, Palestine

Ángela Bonadies 
Poetry | Madrid, Spain 

Milena Díaz Rojas 
Poetry | Quito, Ecuador

Fernanda Forero
Art | Brooklyn, NY

Nayana Guanipa 
Art | Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Isabel Ruiz Cano 
Poetry | Northampton, MA & Monterrey, Mexico & San Salvador, El Salvador 

Andrea Martín 
Art | Los Angeles, CA

Gianna Mula 
Poetry | Utrecht, the Netherlands, & Sardinia, Italy 

kevanté ac cash
Poetry | Nassau, Bahamas 

María Alejandra Fuenmayor 
Art | Mexico City, Mexico 

Tandi Reason Dahl 
Poetry | Paris, France 

jess saldaña 
Poetry | Brooklyn NY 

Ingrid Staats 
Art | Toronto, Canada 

Elisa Quero 
Art | Brooklyn, NY

Monise Valente da Silva 
Poetry | Brooklyn, NY

etaïnn zwer 
Poetry | Berlin, Germany & Paris, France 

Nuage ZD 
Art | Paris, France 

When We Leave Launch

May 7th, 2022 at Ginger’s Bar – Brooklyn’s only Lesbian bar.